Waxman restaurant wood sculpture
Waxman restaurant wood sculpture
Levi’s Torqued Cubes
Conceived in Autocad by Levi's designers, this sculpture featured a set of wire framed cubes that were stretched and torqued to occupy a large amount of visual  and physical space. Charged with actualizing the work, KMD devised a fabrication strategy based on classic sculptural technique that helped Levi’s improve on the original concept and complete it on a tight schedule.
Levi’s Wood Tile Wall
Levi’s wanted an exceptional backdrop to showcase a jeans wear timeline dating back to 1853, and they wanted it fast. Using scrap wood collected from every project we have done, 5,000 scorched wood tiles were fashioned to create a double sided wall that celebrates the history of Levi’s, San Francisco, and 20 years of KMD work for our clients.
Waterfront Benches
One of three large scale custom benches we built for developer Jamestown's local offices. Fabricated from individual blocks of Cedar on a CorTen steel base, the complex angles were a challenge in the workshop - but make for a very graphic and sculptural installation. 
Jeff Koons Balloon Dog
Swatch Clocktower
Kyle’s first job after art school was to act as project manager, engineer, and fabricator of a massive 35’ clock tower to commemorate the 1996 Summer Olympics. Designed by his mentor Stefan Lindfors for Swatch, the kinetic clock moved with the wind, emitted an ethereal ambient light at night, and taught Kyle how to think, work, and build big. It also kept time.