Ash Stool
Part of the Kyle Minor Design limited run furniture line. A solid ash wood stool with hand rubbed oil finish.
Coat Rack
Bent T Stool
Bent V Stool
Waterfront Benches
One of three large scale custom benches we built for developer Jamestown's local offices. Fabricated from individual blocks of Cedar on a CorTen steel base, the complex angles were a challenge in the workshop - but make for a very graphic and sculptural installation. 
Levi’s Conference Table
To mark the return of their Innovation lab to the US, Levi’s wanted a custom slab table that was local and large! Measuring in at 16’ long and 5’ wide, the book-matched Walnut top was sourced specifically to include live edged slots allowing a central drop for power and data cords. To further connect the piece with it’s home, the rolled steel base was given a seawater patina courtesy of the San Francisco bay.
Alicia’s Table
When seeking a table to be the focus of family activity for her Kentfield, California home, Alicia Esterkamp Albin, board member of SFMADE, commissioned a classic slab table with a simplified KMD base.
A-Frame Table
Inspired by the cast iron forms of the industrial revolution, this laser cut, blackened steel base combines vintage design with a contemporary light colored slab of Monterey Cypress.
Levi’s Bench
Levi’s CEO Table
Based on the simple lines of a centuries old farmhouse table to create a timeless look, this solid formed, steel base is combined with an exceptional book-match of Bagstogne Walnut.
Scorched Coffee Table
This little Monterey Cyprus gem was salvaged from a pile of scorched wood on a Marin rancher’s land. Once back in San Francisco, kismet continued when the log was cut and mated perfectly with a pair of legs at the studio left over from another project. A beautiful coffee table that proves that it’s what on the inside that counts.
Home Dining Table
KMD’s tradition of combining the beauty of industry and nature, inspired this steel base by imagining the organic lines of Art Nouveau as seen through the lens of a structural engineer. Here the base is paired with a rare example of a Red Gum Eucalyptus slab with a central cut allowing for the addition of a modern drop in vase or another personalized decorative detail.
Levi’s Log Chairs
Designed to pay homage to the Vernor Panton classic, this KMD interpretation takes an ax and chisel to the icon, while maintaining the original’s eye to ergonomic detail. 
Astro Reception Desk
Astro Studios, a San Francisco based product design company requested 25 workstations and storage systems for their rapidly growing business. The process briefly stalled when the group couldn't agree on a color for the desktops. KMD devised a designer friendly top that could be flipped to allow each employee to choose between 3 colors.